Special terms for purchasing cars/transport vehicles from our partners


ProCredit Bank, in cooperation with Autotrade, offers you a SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY to purchase new cars for business or private use at very favourable terms.

This includes the purchase of hybrid and electric cars.Besides being environmentally friendly, these cars are very economical and increase the efficiency of your business or family activities.

Who can take advantage of this offer?

  • Business clients who use their vehicles for business purposes
  • Business clients who use their vehicles for private purposes
  • Private clients whose salary is deposited into a ProCredit account

PAYMENT METHODS: regular monthly payments or irregular payments (exceptional cases only)

  • Nominal interest rate of only 3.90%
  • Effective interest rate of 4.18% for 60 months

AMOUNT OF FINANCING: up to 100% of the cost of the vehicle (including customs, VAT and other expenses) for up to 60 months

Clients who take advantage of this service are obliged to carry fully comprehensive insurance for the car/vehicle purchased for the duration of the loan.

This opportunity to purchase eco-friendly vehicles highlights the focus and responsible approach taken by ProCredit regarding environmental protection, which is an important element of our responsible business and social model as well as an integral value of our banking philosophy. All vehicles owned by ProCredit Bank are hybrid or electric.

We are 100% hybrid/electric. How about you?