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Our Human Resources vision

ProCredit Bank creates and fosters a positive work environment characterized by personal commitment, openness and mutual understanding. We nurture a culture of constructive dialogue, discipline in the workplace, mutual respect and, just as important, enthusiasm and an optimistic attitude among our employees.

Staff training is one of our key priorities. This drives us to invest in the development of our employees and their specialized training through a variety of local and international programmes.

We are committed to building a team with high professional standards as well as strong principles and values, as this will allow us to serve our clients in a responsible and dedicated manner. Our transparent candidate selection process and unique training methodology are the foundations upon which our consistent staff development programme is built, ultimately helping us to achieve our overall goals. We are proud to be an organization that cultivates its staff and fills managerial positions by promoting internally. We are constantly striving to establish long-term relationships with our staff, marked by mutual trust and respect. As a result, our policies mean that staff promotion is based on transparent and ethical staff assessments, and this is also reflected in our compensation packages. We avoid paying short-term bonuses or premiums, but place value in a commensurate development of salaries over time, based on a fair assessment of each employee’s development within the institution.

We are part of the ProCredit group, which is led by ProCredit Holding based in Frankfurt (Germany). Our business activities focus on providing socially responsible banking services in developing countries.

ProCredit Holding is the majority owner of ProCredit Bank Kosovo and holds 100% of our shares. ProCredit Bank Kosovo, which has a B+ rating issued by Fitch Ratings, was founded in 2000 and has proved to be a reliable, trusted partner for enterprise clients from the very beginning. We have fostered their development by providing financial support for various business activities and investments as well as working capital. The financial services offered by our bank are designed to meet the needs of our clients, supporting their businesses to grow and adapt to today’s fast-changing market environment. In this way we also contribute to the development of the Kosovo’s economy as a whole.

What we offer What we expect
Long-term prospects and stability in a solid international group Strong commitment to our ethical values and institutional objectives
A clear focus on training, from basic courses on financial topics to management training at our international academies A genuine interest in learning, active participation and the flexibility needed to travel to training locations
Dynamic opportunities for personal and professional development based on transparent criteria, including the chance of working abroad Professional performance that goes beyond merely meeting targets; we expect interpersonal skills, along with dedication and commitment to the way we view responsibility
An enjoyable and transparent working environment with flat hierarchies and a well-developed culture of communication in which your ideas and opinions are valued Solid ethical values, such as respect and fairness and a lack of discrimination of any sort, as well as the capacity to work in teams on a daily basis